Volat demonstrates it’s capabilities at the ARMY-2015 exhibition


The ARMY-2015 International Military Technical Forum, unprecedented worldwide, was inaugurated today in the Patriot park in Kubinka near Moscow; Volat is an active participant of this forum. ARMY-2015 is the exhibition of achievements of the Russian defense complex for several previous years. The products from Volat company are demonstrated both separately and as carriers used by many exhibition participants to install their equipment.

In the pavilion in Kubinka, the stand is installed by Volat; at this stand, the company personnel meet the interested visitors and hold negotiations. Several promising multi-purpose vehicles are demonstrated at the open exhibition ground: MZKT-500200, MZKT-600100, MZKT-600201. On June 17 – 19, the capabilities provided by the MZKT-500200 chassis, designed within the scope of the Zastava design and development work and delivered to the Border Troops of the Republic of Belarus, will be demonstrated at the test ground in Alabino. For this purpose, the special route has been prepared with high-speed sections, an obstacle made as a heap of pipes, combined slopes, a hill, a wall, a jump ramp, water obstacles, a serpentine section, an antitank ditch and a tracked bridge. This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of Volat products on the world stage.

Due to the ARMY-2015 forum, we can see that the integration processes in the military technical area are effective. Volat works within the scope of the State Defense Order of Russia without any restrictions; as a result, making it possible for Volat to remain among the world market leaders. The VOLAT equipment is sold to more than 30 countries, including CIS countries, countries in Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

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