Strength and dynamics of Volat at Russia arms EXPO-2015 firing ground


RUSSIA ARMS EXPO 2015, the 10th jubilee International exhibition of armament, military equipment and ammunition will be held in Nizhni Tagil from September 9 through September 12. More than 400 exhibitors and representatives of military department from more than 50 FSU and beyond countries will gather together at RAE-2015, where VOLAT is one of mandatory participants.

All interested are welcome to visit VOLAT’s stand and watch how the motor vehicles participate in demonstrations. The advanced MZKT-6001 SERIES will be demonstrated for the attention of exhibition visitors. Guests will see MZKT-500200 chassis which excellent shows its worth; a lot of people keep it in memory thanks for it’s participation in the «Masters of Artillery Fire-2015» competition. 4 wheel drive, independent suspension, and high-power engine makes it possible to demonstrate worthy results during passing an obstacle line. Besides, visitors will see «elder» models: MZKT-600100 special chassis with the axle configuration 6x6 and YaMZ-7513.10 engine, MZKT-600201 with the axle configuration 8x8 and Caterpillar С15 engine. The complement of all 3 models clearly demonstrates the possibility of fitting out VOLAT enginery with the most progressive componentry from different producers.

All the vehicles will be shown both at the exposed position and during group demonstrations from 2p.m. till 3.30p.m. on September 9 – September 12, 2015. During the demonstrations you can estimate the work of the innovative VOLAT independent suspension which provides travelling comfort, high floatation, and speed during crosscountry movement.

Come to visit our stand № 3.4. Address: NTIMT FSOE, Gagarin Street 29, Nizhni Tagil town, the Sverdlovsk Region, Russia, 622015.

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