Belarusian masters of artillery fire choose MZKT-500200


The «Masters of Artillery Fire» International contest is held within the framework of «Inter-national Army Games» at «Wide Karamysh» firing ground in the Saratov Region of the Russian Federation from August 3 through August 13. Artillery teams from Belarus, Russia, Angola, China, and Venezuela are going to perform their workmanship on August 10.

Belarusian mortar team takes the road by MZKT-500200 chassis. The base model of MZKT-500200 wheel chassis has been improved on behalf of the military department in order to transport combat duty assignment, ammunition, and armament. Belarusian team possesses three MZKT-500200 chassis (2 base units, and 1 reserve unit). More details about training of our artillerists you can find in the «Examining before «Battle» article.

MZKT-500200 is a 2-axle all-wheel drive vehicle with independent suspension and carrying capacity up to 3 t. The vehicle is fitted up with a powerful and advanced engine YaMZ-53452, which turns up 215 horsepower. At the present time MZKT-500200 is mass-produced by Neman AAP on State Border Committee of Republic of Belarus order. The vehicle is meant for fast conveyance of personnel assets or cargo with the load capacity up to 3 t. through the whole types of the roads and explored area.

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