The new development of MWTP OJSC, semi-trailer truck MZKT-741501-010 as part of a road train with a semi-trailer heavy hauler MZKT-720100-010 is designed for transportation of heavy crawler, wheeled machines and heavy indivisible loads on all types of roads and explored areas at ambient temperature from -45ºС to +50ºС.

VOLAT truck has a 8х8 wheel configuration and a permanently-engaged all-wheel drive for each axle. Maximum speed of a single truck is 70 km/h. The truck as part of a road train with a full weight of 93,500 can attain a top speed of 65 km/h. For road train movement off-the-road, the truck provides for a pressure regulating system in tires ensuring pressure reduction in truck tires up to minimum value at the heavy-going road sections.

The TMZ 84632.10 engine is am eight four-cycle turbocharged diesel engine with a capacity of 525 CV with V-type cylinder arrangement and the volume of 17.24 L. Peak torque is 1960 N*m. The main advantages of the power unit are an increased output of both the engine and its cooling system, as well as the electronic engine control system. For easy engine start in winter, a starting preheater PZhD-600I is installed in the truck.

The secondary braking system (exhaust retarder) of the truck is equipped with an electrodynamic retarder brake working in conjunction with the service brake system and the retarder. The retarder brake significantly increases the level of safety of the road train, increases reliability of the service brake system ensuring its operation and efficiency in emergency cases.

The truck is equipped with an automatic fire-fighting system located in the engine compartment of the truck to increase the level of fire safety during the operation of the road train.

A double-drum hoist with hydraulic actuator and planetary reduction gearbox is installed on VOLAT truck. The hoist has two speeds, and maximum pulling capacity on each drum is 200 kN. The length of each cable wire is 60 m. The hoist structure allows performing both equipment loading on the semitrailer and its unloading by pulling down the equipment using one hoist cable wire, at the same time securing it from rolling down with another cable wire through the rear unit of the semitrailer.

The required comfort level in the cabin is provided for by the climate system "August 23BS-MZKT", as well as an auxiliary independent action heater. The climate system provides heating, conditioning and ventilation during truck operation in the specified temperature range. Also the electrically-heated rear-view mirrors are installed on the truck. To provide the possibility of truck operation in the conditions of air contamination with toxic substances, radioactive dust and bacterial agents, the truck is equipped with the filtration unit ensuring cleaning and supply of air into the cabin in the specified conditions.

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