Currently MWTP OJSC is working on creation of a new model of military-technical automotive equipment. The novelty is a special corps chassis MZKT-692251 which is developed as a transport base for information coordination central (ICC) of the wheeled variant of air-defense missile system "BUK-MBZK".

Chassis MZKT-692251 is all-wheel drive, 6x6 with wheel configuration, with the first axle steering wheels. Carrying capacity of chassis determined by the mountable equipment weight is 7000 kg.

Due to the fact that the transporter-erector-launcher and transporter-erector-launcher-radar from "BUK-MBZK" wheeled air-defense missile system are mounted on the chassis of MZKT-692250, the layout characteristics, as well as major units and assemblies of the chassis of MZKT-692251 are similar to the chassis of MZKT-692250.

The chassis power unit consists of the engine TMZ-8463.10 with the horsepower of 500 CV and a 6-speed hydromechanical transmission produced by MWTP OJSC. A 2-speed transfer case and articulated axles with the system of interaxial and inter-wheel differential produced by MWTP OJSC are used in transmission.

Smoothness of chassis ride is provided by an independent electronically-controlled hydropneumatic suspension.

An on-board information and control system controlling chassis parameters and showing information on one of two color graphics is installed on chassis.

Chassis design is associated with layout principle of equipment and ICC crew. Chassis body consists of 3 main compartments: control compartment, operator's compartment and engine-and-transmission compartment. As with chassis MZKT-692250, crew housing compartment of chassis MZKT-692251 is bullet-proof. One of the differences of MZKT-692251 form MZKT-692250 chassis body is a crew housing compartment which is 570 mm higher. This difference looks like a "hat' over the top part of the chassis. MZKT-69221-131 chassis which is part of a command center of Russian-manufactured "Buk-M2E" air-defense missile system was executed in the same way. In contrast to MZKT-69221-131 chassis, the "hat" of MZKT-692251 is executed with the modified design.

The crew housing compartment of chassis MZKT-692251 is equipped with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. In addition, MZKT-692251 chassis is completed with automatic fire-fighting system and the system of lubrication of the movable joints of suspension and steering control.

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