Currently, MZKT OJSC is working on creation of a new model of military-technical vehicles. The novelty is a light armoured 5-seater vehicle MZKT-490101 (hereinafter referred to as the “LAV”), which is designed to transport and protect the crew from being hit by small arms and damage effects of explosive devices.

Light armoured vehicle MZKT-490101 is all-wheel drive; it has a 4x4 wheel arrangement and steering wheels of the first axle. The carrying capacity is 1,800 kg.

The power plant of the LAV consists of a 6-liter Doosan DL06 engine (Korea) with a capacity of 270 hp and a 6-speed Allison automatic hydromechanical transmission (USA). The two-speed transfer case by ADS (Czech Republic) is connected into a single power unit with the engine and transmission. The use of imported engine, transmission and transfer case, as well as climatic performance from -15°C to + 55°C indicates that the new LAV is oriented for export supplies. MZKT-490101 light armoured vehicle has a modular layout, as well as a new design and concept of the armour protection.

The LAV hull is 4-door, equipped with 5 energy-absorbing seats, a raised floor, and an anti-mine sump, has level 2 ballistic protection, and 2a/2b anti-mine protection according to STANAG 4569. For the life support of the crew, the hull has heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as an independent exhaust fan. The hull is equipped with arm support for the weapons of the crew, and the doors have loopholes. A rotating hatch is installed on the roof of the hull and can be replaced with a firing module.

The engine compartment is equipped with an automatic fire extinguishing system. There is a cargo (storage) compartment.

Smooth running is ensured by an independent, lever spring suspension with silent blocks, and high cross-country ability – by the availability of a full differential lockable drive, high ground clearance – not less than 450 mm, as well as the availability of a tire pressure control system and the use of a Runflat device in the wheels. In addition, an electric self-recovery winch with a pulling force of 7.4 tons is installed.

The LAV is equipped with an on-board information and control system that monitors chassis parameters and information output to one of two colour graphic displays, as well as a circular video review system.

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