Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant took part in ARMY-2020 International Forum. A new product was exhibited at the stand – a 5-seater armoured vehicle MZKT-490101 (4x4) in export configuration. Based on the experience of the world’s leading manufacturers of such vehicles as well as the demand and needs in the target markets, VOLAT armoured vehicle has undergone significant design changes. The use of an imported engine, transmission and transfer case, compliance with modern requirements for this type of vehicles allows us to say that the new light armoured vehicle is focused on deliveries not only to the CIS market, but also for export. Vehicle solutions provide optimal reliability and protection against threats in a military environment. Ergonomics, dynamics, safety and reliability of the chassis ensure its use in the most severe operating conditions.

In addition to using an imported motor-transmission unit, light armoured vehicle MZKT-490101 has multiple unique technical solutions. Disc brakes with Knott calipers (Germany) are used on the VOLAT chassis. In the chassis of the vehicle, bridge-type hubs with an additional gearbox are used and allow increasing the ground clearance and cross-country ability. The 490101 light armoured vehicle has a unique independent suspension system with spring elastic elements and silent blocks that ensures stability and smoothness of the ride. A high cross-country ability is achieved by the availability of an all-wheel drive with the possibility of forced locking of differentials, high ground clearance - not less than 450 mm, as well as the availability of a tire pressure control system. The designers of MZKT OJSC applied a scheme where the air supply channels are built into the wheel disk and protected from damage from the outside. The wheels are equipped with Runflat inserts.

The hull of the light armoured vehicle is 4-door, monolithic all-welded and is made of Miilux armoured steel. The light armoured vehicle provides Br4 protection level in accordance with 34282-2017 GOST standard, but the presented sample has a set of additional modular armour, which increases the level of ballistic protection to level 2 according to STANAG 4569, the anti-mine protection is 2a/2b according to STANAG 4569. If necessary, the level of protection can be adjusted by removal/installation of modular armour. The vehicle is equipped with 5 energy-absorbing seats, a raised floor, and an anti-mine sump made of special steel. Inside the armoured capsule for the comfort of the crew, there are heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as an independent exhaust fan. The hull is equipped with arm support for mounting weapons for the crew, and the doors are equipped with loopholes. A rotating hatch is installed on the roof of the hull and can be replaced with a firing module.

An electric self-recovery winch with a pulling force of 7.4 tons is installed in the front of the light armoured vehicle. The winch cable is made of modern synthetic material.

The light armoured vehicle is equipped with an on-board information and control system (BIUS) that monitors the vehicle parameters. Information is displayed on one of the two colour graphic displays, on the other one; the image of the circular video review system is displayed. The vehicle has Hella LED optics.

Interior lighting is LED. The vehicle is also equipped with devices for ensuring the movement of the vehicle in the column at night in the blackout mode. The vehicle windows have double-circuit heating.

As usual, the plant’s stand was crowded; the new product aroused great interest both from the heads of the military departments, specialists of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation, and from the visitors of the exhibition and the media. During the military-technical forum, the stand of MZKT OJSC was visited by S.K. Shoigu, Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, Y.I. Borisov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation for the Defence Industry, S.V. Zas, Secretary General of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation, I.F. Matrashilo, Head of the Department of Defence Industry and Military Technical Cooperation of the Union State. Within the framework of the exhibition, business negotiations and meetings were held that helped to strengthen the established business ties as well as to make new acquaintances, which, we are sure, will end with new projects.

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