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6001 Series

To make service for our customers easier and more effective in severe difficult terrains, Volat has developed the new generation of transport vehicles. The MZKT-6001 series chassis provide new level of mobility and cost-effectiveness for military, peace-keeping and rescue units. The MZKT-6001 series of highly-standardised chassis is a full range of models with the axle configuration 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8, designed for transportation of both personnel and cargo as well as to carry various special-purpose equipment and weapon systems.


Wheel drive: 4x4

Payload: 3,2 t.

Engine: YAMZ-53452

Engine’s power: 215 h.p.


Wheel drive: 6х6

Payload: 10 t.

Engine: Caterpillar C13

Engine’s power: 440 h.p.


Wheel drive: 8x8

Payload: 17 t.

Engine: Caterpillar C13

Engine’s power: 540 h.p.