Light armored vehicles

VOLAT light armoured vehicles (LAV) are intended for use as a basic product for the creation of special vehicles for operational and tactical purposes for the installation and transportation of special equipment on all types of roads and explored terrains, transportation and protection of the crew from small arms damage and damage effects of explosive devices.

The highly unified LAV family is capable of handling the most demanding tasks. The applied technical solutions ensure the optimal parameters of the products. Ergonomics, dynamics, safety and reliability of the chassis ensure its use in the most severe operating conditions.


Wheel drive: 4x4

Payload: 1.2 t.

Engine: YaMZ-5345-10

Engine’s power: 240 h.p.


Wheel drive: 4x4

Payload: 1,8 t.

Engine: Dossan DL06

Engine’s power: 270 h.p.