OJSC "MZKT" on the birthday of it's home district!


On 17 March, 2018 Zavodskoy district of Minsk, the industrial center of the capital of the Republic of Belarus, celebrated it's 80th anniversary.

Event was held on outdoor area of the ICIDC "Chizhovka-Arena". Enterprises of Zavodskoy district presented their products to the guests. VOLAT demonstrated several models at once: light armored vehicle MZKT-490100, which is noted for its reliability and multifunctionality - it is designed for transportation of 10 people and various military equipment; MZKT-600203 with wheel arrangement 8x8, capable of traveling on roads with different types of cover and offroad, with large construction area for placing a wide range of special equipment; the legendary MZKT-543M chassis, the beginning of production of which was in 1979; this vehicle serves as a base for such weapon systems as Smerch MLRS, S-300 and S-400 SAMS. MZKT-742960, a truck tractor designed to operate as a heavy equipment transporter with a gross combination weight of up to 105 tons and 56 tons payload.

The VOLAT's vehicles caused increased interest with both adults and children. Any of them could observe exhibited vehicles not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Specialists of the enterprise, who were working on the area were ready to describe the advantages of the vehicles, and answered all the questions of interest.

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