On July 3th VOLAT's vehicles took part in the parade!


On July 3th, the Republic of Belarus celebrated the Independence Day which is the most important national holiday in Belarus. This day is celebrated solemnly and extensively, but the main event of it is the military parade. More than 4 thousand military personnel and more than 250 units of wheeled and tracked vehicles took part in it. Traditionally, a wide range of VOLAT vehicles participated as a part of mechanized convoy: MZKT-543М as a chassis for combat vehicles of anti-aircraft missile system «S-300PS» and multiple launch rocket system "Smerch"; MZKT-7930-300 as a chassis for launchers and resupply vehicles of multiple launch rocket system "Polonaise”; box-type chassis MZKT-6922 as a base for the anti-aircraft missile complex “Tor-M2”; cargo truck MZKT-500200 as a part of the mortar complexes "Sani" and “Nona M1”; light armored vehicle MZKT–233036 “Lis-PM”; and light armored vehicles MZKT-490100 with anti-tank missile complex "Shershen" and electronic warfare station "Groza-S".

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