VOLAT's vehicles took part in the parade of the Independence Day Republic of Belarus.


On July 3th, Republic of Belarus celebrates Independence Day - the main holiday of the country. During this day the attention of all the spectators is riveted to the official part of the event, and mostly to the parade of military equipment.

This year the spectators could see a generous amount of VOLAT vehicles within a column convoy, including heavy equipment transporters MZKT-742960+820400, chassis MZKT-6922, MZKT-7930, MZKT-543M, MZKT-65272, MZKT-65273 and tactical trucks MZKT-5002 which were introduced into service by artillery units.

Also the visitors were pleased to see a new light armored vehicle MZKT-490100 and it's modifications: the basic version, versions in complete sets with ATGS “Shershen”, with the automated remote-controlled observational-fire complex “Adunok”, with the electronic warfare station with the UAV “Groza-S” and with a protected combat module.

VOLAT's participation in such important and responsible events of Republican level confirms that OJSC “Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant” produces modern reliable equipment.

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