VOLAT took part in MILEX-2017


On May 20-22, 2017 the 8th International Exhibition of Weapons and Military Equipment took place in ICCS “Minsk-Arena” and airport “Minsk-1”. It helped VOLAT to establish and support business contacts, provide an opportunity for the development of new sales areas.

VOLAT demonstrated to the visitors of the exhibition a family of highly-standardised MZKT-6001 (4x4, 6x6, 8x8), light armored vehicle MZKT-490100 and truck tractor MZKT-74296 which aroused interest of guests from near and far abroad. Delegations from Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Britain, China and many other countries visited VOLAT’s stand. Both current projects and aspects for future cooperation were discussed.

Vehicles MZKT-500200, MZKT-600203 and MZKT-490100 took part in the opening ceremony of the MILEX-2017 at airport “Minsk-1”, as well as in the daily demonstrations on a special track equipped with various obstacles.

Light armored vehicle MZKT-490100 was in the spotting of the exhibition MILEX-2017. VOLAT firstly introduced to public a prototype of LAV, which has already successfully passed all test cycle. Chief designer OJSC “MWTP” V. A. Burian held a presentation of the vehicle MZKT-490100 for the media. At the open area of the “Minsk-Arena” VOLAT appeared in three modifications: from ATGS “Shershen”, with the automated remote-controlled observation fire complex “Adunok” and with the station for electronic warfare against unmanned aerial vehicles “Groza-S”.

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